Oily Skin

A Solution!


 What is Calendula?

Calendula flowers are used in skin care recipes as a delicate but effective solution for oily skin. Calendula is an annual flower native to Mediterranean countries. Thanks to its antibacterial and immunostimulant[1] properties, it is used in treating cuts with compromised immune systems. Calendula stimulates the production of collagen and helps heal scars. Calendula water can ease a sore throat.

What Is Calendula Oil?

Calendula oil is produced by infusing Calendula flowers in carrier oils, for example, sunflower oil, or olive oil. There are Calendula oils sold online or you can grow your own Calendula and make oil at home. You can use it alone or as the base for salves, lotions, and ointments. For instance, both olive oil and sunflower oil have therapeutic properties, but olive oil helps damaged and dry skin, while sunflower oil[2] is a much better choice for oily skin.

Calendula Oil

Calendula can be used as a body oil to support oily skin. Some people don’t like the feeling of oil on their skin, but the oil can be thickened with beeswax melted on a stovetop. Then combining it with a carrier oil and pour into containers. This natural salve applied every day supports healthy, smooth skin.

Is Calendula Oil Safe?

Calendula oil is safe to use but there are safety guidelines and considerations that should be taken:

  • An allergic reaction can occur in people who have sensitivity related to ragweed, for example, daisies, or marigolds. It is best the to test Calendula on the wrist before applying the rest to the body. Then left on preferable for several hours is ideal to see if an allergic reaction occurs.
  • Pregnant – there is a concern that calendula oil could cause a miscarriage[3], so it’s best to avoid.
  • It is also a sedative. Combined with medications, Calendula can cause drowsiness.[4]

If you aren’t pregnant, nursing, on prescription drugs, or allergic, it is best to consult a professional before you use it, especially for internal use. To learn more about Calendula and other natural remedies for oily skin, click here to request an appointment with me.