Drug Addiction Help!

Devina is not a physician. She has a degree in Doctor of Biblical Naturopathy which is the study of natural medicine. Wholistic Health and Wellness work against opioid, alcohol and food addictions. It’s great for recovery!

Our wholistic educational program is a fraction of the cost of traditional rehab. We promote a drugless one-on-one educational and consultation program that’s designed for individuals that want to get sober.


The facts are, there are not enough beds in medical facilities to take everyone that wants rehab treatment. People also need an alternative to wellness, including lower cost.

Let’s talk about the cost comparison of traditional rehab. For example, AddictionCenter.com’s website reports that the cost of treatment and care are the following; Detox is between $1,000 -$1,500 per month, Inpatient Rehab is $6,000 -$60,000 depending on how many months are needed for Rehab, Outpatient Rehab is a $5,000 – $10,000 per month and prescription drug methadone is $4,700 a year, but the price goes up for other prescription drugs other than methadone. This makes Rehab’s grand total of up to $76,000. 


Some highlights that are included in our Divine Natural Solutions Private Healthcare Membership program:

  1. Comprehensive Iridology Analysis (see details, click here!)
  2. Iridology and Sclerology Follow-ups
  3. Forensic Lab Tests (heavy metal toxicity levels and ratios. Vitamin deficiencies or excess. Nutritional makeup). (see details, click here!)
  4. Parasite Lab Test (Full Gastrointestinal Tract) (see details, click here!)
  5. Custom Diet Plan
  6. Dietary Supplements included in the program!
  7. Weekly Follow-ups
  8. Wholistic Living Book Study
  9. Faith-Based Daily Devotional
  10. Connections to Accountability Groups
  11. Connections to Counseling

For More Information, please inquire by calling or emailing (470)-310-0054, Info@DivineNaturalSolutions.com