Allergies Battle Plan 28 Days Strategy. 120 Pages.
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Ezekiel 47:12 – Their fruit will be for food, and their leaves for medicine. This book is written with a wholistic approach of a divine healing prospective with natural wellness strategies and principles God designed for the whole body to strengthen itself. A daily step by step guide of faith affirmations, wellness action steps, herbal and nutritional support, devotional, and a journal guides members each day on their journey back to good health.
Healing is God’s Business 5
Blocked Healing 7
How Satan Robs Us 9
Casting Down Strongholds 11
Prayer for Health and Healing 13
Dietary Supplement Information 15
First Week and Protocol 16
Diet, Remedies, Faith and Action steps 17
Second Week and Protocol 39
Third Week and Protocol 61
Fourth Week and Protocol 83
Enema 105
Unblocking Skin Pores 106
Foot Detox to Clear Immune Waste 107
Healing and Deliverance Questionnaire 110
Breaking of Curses Prayer 111
Clinical Trial References of Remedies 114
Contact Us 117